Short Film

Director: Terry Chatkupt

Director of Photography: Michael Underwood

“Stemming from the artistʼs interest in physical landscapes and the materialization of history and memory in
the built environment, Chatkuptʼs new film, Transferase, marks a distinctive shift in the artistʼs interrogations of the
experiential dimensions of space and place. Inspired by the 1989 apocalyptic cult thriller, Miracle Mile (written and
directed by Steve De Jarnatt), Transferase is the artistʼs first film to engage the specificities of Los Angeles as
both a city-space and an urban imaginary. Echoing the significant theoretical contributions of urban scholars and
theorists like Kevin Lynch, Mary Jane Jacobs, Norman Klein, and Mike Davis amongst others, Chatkupt provides
a cinematic reconfiguration of Los Angelesʼ cartography as a situational, corporeal, and phenomenological
account. The film portrays a protagonist overwhelmed with anxiety after receiving a disturbing phone call. What
proceeds is a sequence of small events that operate as a psychological excavation, unveiling the rapidly changing
and unstable characteristics of both the protagonist and the LA landscape. Although seen as a narrative
film, Transferase is experimental in structure, juxtaposing a dynamic mix of cinematic techniques often mobilized
in the thriller and dark comedy genres. This process allows Chatkuptʼs film to adhere to the storyʼs surreal nature
while simultaneously provoking a destabilizing the viewer, speaking to the anxiety and ecology of fear that have
positioned Los Angeles historically and theoretically.”
– from “Terry Chatkupt: Transferase” Press Release, LAXART, Los Angeles

Transferase was commissioned by LAXART with generous support from the James Irvine Foundation.